Niumi FM Partners with DW

Ousman A. Marong, Nuimi FM boss

Niumi FM, a privately-owned radio station operating in the rural Gambia in Essau, North Bank Region (NBR), has established a new partnership with the Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster in content transmission.

Niumi FM will now be transmitting DW’s radio programmes in English via DW satellite SES-5 and listeners may now receive DW’s popular programming such as Crime Fighters – DW’s Radio Drama, Weekly roundup – Let’s make a baby, Africa link, Learning by Ear, etc on Niumi FM.

The DW technician on Friday 11th November 2022 crossed the river to Essau to have the satellite, decoders with other valuable materials installed at the radio. 

Commenting on the initiative, Ousman A. Marong, General Manager (GM) of the radio station said: “I am honoured to score this great magnitude of such a great thing. I thank DW for honouring the initiation and trusting me to partner with my radio. This is a great thing. Thank you to my hardworking staff, DJs and presenters.“

The achievement, he added, was all-inclusive. “I know many radio stations would wish to partner with DW, but I can tell you that I am lucky and am the youngest media chief to be opportune to sign a deal with DW. Crime Fighters and Learning by Ears are my favourite programs on DW and I am lucky to have them to be aired on my radio. We all know that content is the order of the day in the Gambian broadcasting industry. The agreement in the MoU will be jealously guided. These programs of DW will add value and give solid and rich content to my radio. This would create a greater opportunity and help my presenter to exchange ideas and information face-to-face,“ Marong concluded. 

On his part, Akinwale Remi, DW’s Coordinator in The Gambia advised that the radio should be very serious in transmitting the DW programmes. 

“You (Niumi FM), should do all it takes not to miss transmitting the DW programmes. We have the content and we are offering them to you for free. The only thing we needed is for them to be transmitted and on time,” said Akinwale Remi, DW’s Coordinator in The Gambia.

Source: Nuimi FM

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