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Kabirou Mbodje’s alleged rape case: Victims‘ testimonies explain how he did it on all the 3 women in the same evening!!!

Kabirou Mbodje

The alleged rape case of the chief executive officer (CEO) of Wari money transfer services, Kabirou Mbodje is undergoing investigation by the French police in France. The Wari boss is reported to have been involved in four rape cases, three of which occurred on the same evening on 13th October 2022 in France. Another rape case was earlier reported at the beginning of this year.

According to Senegal’s leading online news site Seneweb, Kabirou Mbodje, the Senegalese businessman and CEO of the Wari group, is accused of four rapes, three of which took place in the same evening.

A publication by a French newspaper called Le Parisien in an article of Tuesday 18 October 2022, revealed that the CEO of Wari money transfer service Mr. Mbodje has been indicted and placed under judicial supervision pending the end of the investigation.

“Three women have filed a complaint for rape and sexual assault which allegedly took place during the same evening. In total, four women have accused him of rape. It was an almost ordinary evening for rich businessmen: champagne, music, small canapés… the evening ended up being prolonged in a luxurious flat before everything changed. It was when one of the guests decided to tell the other two that the CEO had fondled her buttocks before raping her on the stairs that the women realised that all three of them had been raped.“

“The evening started normally. The businessman was at the restaurant with his partner before being joined by another businessman, accompanied by two women. They were then joined by a third woman. However, Kabirou Mbodje wanted to continue the evening and invited everyone to a flat in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. If the accused denies all the accusations, the account of the women is quite different.“

“Indeed, one of them, aged 22, told her boyfriend that the businessman raped her when she wanted to leave. The next day she told the other two women. While they were alone with him, he jumped on one of them in the bathroom. She struggled but he caught her and raped her on the landing.“

“The last woman said she was raped on the sofa. Lesions of the private parts were found on one of the three women. When investigating the accused, the police discovered that another rape case against him was already underway. According to the accused, the women had thrown themselves at him.

However, as quoted by Le Parisien: “Their testimonies are very credible” according to a source close to the investigation.

Source: Seneweb

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