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MJFC Expresses Serious Concern on Alarming Trends in Fatal “Crime”

Press release

22nd September 2022

Malick H.B Jallow Esq.

The Malick Jallow Foundation for Children (MJFC) is very concerned with alarming trends in reported fatal crime in the Gambia over the past month.

The Foundation is equally alarmed by the call for enforcement of the death penalty as an effective means of stemming the tide. It is our position that enforcing the death penalty is not the solution as there is no incontrovertible finding that enforcement of the death penalty has any significant impact on reducing the perpetration of fatal crimes such as murder.

It is important to fundamentally strengthen the fabric of social justice in society as a means of addressing the root causes of crime. It is equally vital that we ensure effective and timely investigation and prosecution of alleged perpetrators of crime by the prosecuting authorities to harness a deterrent effect and serve justice.

Signed: Malick H.B Jallow Esq.

Founder/President MJFC

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