Senegal: Who will win tonight’s wrestling combat?

The former king of the wrestling arena Balla Gaye 2 will fight against Gris Bordeaux tonight at the Arene Nationale in Pikine.

Ibrahima Dione popularly known as Gris Bordeaux, from Fass (Dakar) is a Senegalese wrestling champion. After his victory over Tyson on 3rd May 2015, recorded 11 victories, 9 defeats and 2 combats nil.

Omar Sakho, widely known as Balla Gaye 2 is the lion of Guediawaye. He is a Senegalese wrestling champion and was the King of the Arena after his victory against Yahya Diop (Yekini) on 12th April 2012. Unfortunately for Balla Gaye 2, he lost the title on 8th June 2014 to Serign Jah (Bombardier) of Mbour.

Balla Gaye 2 has 21 victories and recoreded 4 defeats in the Senegalese wrestling arena.

These two champions will fight tonight at the Arene Nationale in Pikine (Dakar). On April 1, 2018, they had their first fight and Balla Gaye 2 won. Goodluck to both of them.

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