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Gambia Government Statement on The Acquittal and Discharge of Ex-Gam-Petroleum Employees, Messrs. Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama

Press Release

Dated: 31st July, 2022

Ebrima G. Sankareh

Banjul, The Gambia — The Gambia Government wishes to inform the public that its investigations into allegations of economic crimes and or financial impropriety by former Gam-Petroleum employees, Messrs. Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama are progressing.

It can be recalled that on the 28 of July 2022, Her Lordship, Justice Haddy Roche of The Banjul High Court acquitted and discharged both Drammeh and Gassama of charges of economic crimes and related offenses.

While The Gambia Government fully acknowledges the High Court’s ruling, the verdict does not in itself, preclude further charges being brought against Drammeh and Gassama for suspected financial crimes committed at Gam-Petroleum.

As the allegations of crimes committed are widespread, the scope of the investigations are equally broad and time consuming.

The public is therefore, informed that investigations into Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama’s alleged financial activities are continuing and the Government will take appropriate action at the conclusion of these investigations.


Ebrima G. Sankareh

The Gambia Government Spokesperson & Presidential Diaspora Adviser

One Comment

  1. How can the government chose to charge these suspects before completing their investigation, without gathering enough evidence. Or was it due to an incompetent prosecutor. The outcome of this case, left much to be desired. Gross incompetence at the highest level. I wonder why?