Old man needs urgent help to find shelter for his family

An old man called Burama Conta from Lamin CDC Village is in need of urgent help to take care of his family and as well have a shelter for his wife and children. The old man recently faced difficulties in having shelter for his family after the land owner of the compound he had lived in for many years claimed he wants to sell the land to build his compound he is occupying in another place.

The family of the old man is in dire need of support and has no place to be at the moment. He is facing critical moments in his life and is appealing to the general public for help.

His eldest son told LamToro News that they have been living in the said compound in Lamin CDC since 2015 when they got the empty land from the said individual who now wants them to vacate.

He said it was an empty land and his family built a simple house which they later developed using all their remaining little resources.

“Currently the compound is developed to a better one. The land owner said he now wants to sell the land and build his compound where he is residing. Previously he said he gave us this land but now he came back after we invested our resources there and said he wants to sell it for 9 million CFA, which is about 800, 000 dalasis,“ he remarked.

He appealed to the government, the private sector, NGOs, donors, and individuals to kindly support their family either in cash or kind to be able to get another shelter or a good place to rent.

Those willing to help this family can kindly contact Burama Conta’s son on +220 3376278.

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