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Public Statement from Essa Faal

Fellow Gambians, I am sure that many of you are alive to the ugly incident between myself and the person who goes by Chapacholly. I am deeply saddened by the incident and the fact that I found myself in such a terrible situation. As this has agitated too many people and divided many of us politically, I sincerely regret that I was the subject of the whole saga.

As a leader and a devout Muslim I hold firmly unto the virtues of forgiveness. Baba Jah/Chapacholly has apologized to me and asked for forgiveness. I have forgiven him. I am now prepared to move on with my life and business.

I know that many before me have suffered worse. I am certain that many more will come my way for as long as I continue to be concerned about the matters that affect our people. I have persevered against jeers and insults all along and will continue to do so in complete decorum and decency. By the Grace of God, all shall be well in the end- Inchallah.

I now leave this matter behind me. I will not talk to the press about this and crave your indulgence to respect my position.

I take this opportunity to promote good public behaviour, respect for one another and respect for the rule of law.

For The Gambia I shall always remain a faithful servant. God bless you all.

Essa Mbye Faal

Source: Facebook

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