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Anti Crime boss Gorgui Mboob flown to UK for medical treatment?

ACU Commander,
Gorgui Mboob

Reports reaching LamToro News (LTN) have it that Deputy Commissioner of Police Gorgui Mboob who is serving as the commander of the Anti-Crime Unit (ACU) of the Gambia Police Force has been flown to the UK for medical treatment recently.

Police sources say the Anti Crime Unit boss Mboob is believed to be suffering from heart failure. “Some time ago, Gorgui Mboob visited the Police Headquarters in Banjul where he collapsed. He was then rushed to the hospital but after some weeks he was in Dakar for medical treatment,“ said a source.

Another source also informed LTN that the Anti Crime boss Mboob has been flown to the UK some weeks ago for medical treatment. His health condition was said to be serious and needed urgent treatment.

However, LamToro News has reached out to the police spokesperson Superintendent Lamin Njie to verify the dates and his current health condition but the PRO said they were busy on tour with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and needed some time to revert back to this reporter. He has since then not been able to revert back.

In another development, Deputy Commissioner Gorgui Mboob has been recently recommended by the Government White Paper for prosecution for his alleged role in human rights violation in the students’ demonstration of April 2000. He has also been recommended to be banned from serving public office for five years.

The Government White Paper also stated: “ Subject all those who were with Gorgui Mboob at St. Augustine’s High School, including Modou Lamin Fatty, Abdoulie Bah, Modou Cham, and Modou Gajaga, are to face internal disciplinary mechanisms if they are still occupying public office.“

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