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UDP Rebukes Lamin Njie’s Colourful Reaction To Interview Cancellation

Press Release:

By UDP Media Response Team .

The United Democratic Party and Secretary General and Party Leader H.E ANM Darboe, reserve the right to cancel any pre-planned interview, especially if more pressing issues emerge.

Branding such last-minute cancelation as emanating from the bullying of Mr. Darboe by what Mr. Lamin Njie calls “rank and file members” of the party as if such supporters do not matter is most unfortunate.

Although we acknowledge that such unplanned cancelations can be inconvenient, we are disappointed at Mr. Njie’s reaction and deem it as disrespectful to the party supporters he encountered, to the United Democratic Party as an entity, and to Mr. Darboe for insinuating that he is unable to keep his word in the face of some assumed bullying.

We recognise the inconvenience caused by the cancellation but do not believe it called for the hyperbolic colourful characterisation depicted by Mr. Njie about our party leader and supporters.

Our party leader has always been and continues to be accessible to the media, but reserves the right to cancel any interview that clashes with his other engagements or is deemed inappropriate by him or the party’s media team.

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