High hopes for higher education learning in the Gambia under the new Minister of Higher Education 

Ousman E. Camara, UTG

The former Deputy Vice-chancellor, Academic of the University of the Gambia, and three times best Dean of the year in said university is officially sworn in as the minister of Higher Education,  Research,  Science and Technology of the Republic of the Gambia. 

The new minister is expected to take charge of affairs of The Gambia Higher learning institutions in the second term of President Barrow’s government.  

Minister Gomez is an experienced personality in the Gambian highest level of learning for a decade and his appointment in my view would significantly improve the quality learning environment in the Gambia. 

Hon. Minister Gomez shakes hand with President Barrow at the
State House in Banjul during his swearing-in Ceremony

He has been a dedicated, ambitious, industrious, and experienced man in University of the Gambia leadership for a decade, and under his leadership as a Dean, the said University has registered tremendous achievements.

Prof. Gomez appointment is largely celebrated at the University of the Gambia because many hopes that he could be the real solution to the long-standing problems the UTG has been facing for decades, typically structural problems. 

Hon. Minister Professor Gomez

Professor Gomez is largely admired at the UTG. And his appointment is undoubtedly huge and he is a man that many students seek for guidance and coaching on their education ambitions and plans.

Minister Gomez is committed and determined to change the narrative of the Gambian highest level of learning in no time soon. 

Good luck Professor Gomez.

Thank you.

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