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MJFC gives to Quranic School at Sheikh Omar Futi Taal mosque in Gunjur

Lawyer Malick H.B. Jallow, Founder & President MJFC.

Press release:

On Thursday the 28th day of April 2022, the Malick Jallow Foundation for Children (MJFC) supported the Quranic School at the Sheikh Omar Futi Taal mosque in Gunjur, West Coast Region, The Gambia through a symbolic donation of essential food and personal care items.

The initiative is part of MJFC’s broader mandate to help address the root causes of why children get into conflict with the law and build a preventive strategy to address the same.

The items were presented to the school on behalf of MJFC by Sheikh Tijan Bah in the presence of MJFC Founder/President Malick H.B Jallow Esq. the Imam, mosque, and community leaders as well as selected students from the school.

We seize this opportunity to acknowledge the significant strides of the Government of the Gambia in furthering the realization of the right to education and encourage greater attention to the plight of children in the non-conventional education system.

MJFC is very grateful to all donors whose generosity and kindness facilitated the timely realization of the objectives of the initiative.


  1. The said mosque at Gunjur beach is not Sheikh Omar Futi Taal mosque instead it’s Gunjur Kenye Kenye Jamenyoto. Sheikh Omar Futi came to the place to worship when Gunjur has already named the place and realised it as a place of worship.
    I covered couple of stories about this said mosque

    • The name of the mosque was written like this in the press release we received and this was the same press release sent to all other media outlets that published this article. In fact, some published it yesterday before us. So I think you contact the concerned organization that issued the press release to change the name. We don’t change names in documents that are not coming from us, the organization should have changed it before sending it to the media. Thank you.