GFF complains to FIFA, CAF over Algerian National Coach’s comments against Gambian Int’l referee Papa Gassama

Gambian International referee Bakary Papa Gassama

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) has lodged a complaint against Djamel Belmadi to the World Football governing body (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) for his threatening comments against the Gambian international referee Bakary Papa Gassama.  

“The Federation has lodged a formal complaint to the Algerian Football Federation on the matter, and has formally requested FIFA and CAF to open investigations and disciplinary proceedings against the Head Coach of the Algeria National Football Team Mr. Djamel Belmadi for his remarks on a video clip and on an Algerian Television.” the GFF said in a statement dispatched to the media. 

The Gambia Football Federation has ordered the Algerian Football Association to publicly debunk derogatory remarks by its officials and the Algerian citizenry. 

“Based on the foregoing, we’ve also asked the Algerian federation to make a public statement condemning the actions of Mr. Belmadi and all the verbal attacks against Mr. Gassama by Algerians and take all necessary precautions to restrain their officials and nationals from making any further negative remarks and threats against the person of Mr. Gassama.”

The GFF said afterwards that the Algerian FA will be held responsible for any harm or mishap Papa Gassama might encounter if the Algerians carry out their threat against the Gambian referee. 

“Otherwise, their federation will be held responsible and complicit for any harm which may happen to him.” GFF stressed. 

*Gambians react to Belmadi’s threats * 

Gambian journalist, Nfally Fadera asserts that Algerians should be condemned.

“The Algerians, and the Egyptians before them, must be condemned in the strongest terms possible for inciting violence and smearing one of the best sportsmen to come out of the continent.”

And he added, “We cannot wait or expect other people to fight our fight or simply expect things to take care of themselves without lifting a finger.”

Sadibou Kamaso, a presidential aspirant of The Gambia Football Federation also leaps to the defence of Bakary Papa Gassama. The Hawks Football Club Secretary General said that some comments of the Algerian people are “unjust and unacceptable”.

“The recent undertakings and remarks against Papa by a selection of the Algerian football fans, enthusiasts and some stakeholders against him are manifestly unjust and unacceptable, you should just focus on your jobs” Kamaso said. 

Jamel Belmadi characterized referee Bakary Gassama as “unjust and tyrannical”, because of what he deemed “bias” in his officiating in Algeria’s decisive defeat to Cameroon in the Qatar 2022 Africa World Cup Playoffs Qualifiers.

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  1. muhammed B Ceesay

    Both algerians and Egyptians should face the consequences for their cruelty against Gambians super star Bakary papa Gassama whose officiating in the game of football is phenomenal. So we will not condone such a nonsensical act from them.