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April 24, 2022 – Hello and welcome to LamToro News (LTN) website, the latest media outlet to join the Gambian media fraternity. It is with profound gratitude and pleasure that we celebrate the launch of LamToro News today, 24th April 2022. Indeed, the coming of LamToro News is historic for the Gambian media as it coincides with our country’s 52nd anniversary since The Gambia became a Republic on 24th April 1970.

LamToro News brings you the latest news from The Gambia, Senegal, Africa, and the wider world. Our aim is to promote free and independent journalism as well as contribute our quota towards national development.

This medium allows the public to make informed decisions. We publish diverse opinions and hold leaders accountable. LamToro News also brings you a proper description, and critical interpretation and will make in-depth event analysis and investigation of information especially national security matters as they unfold.

The main objective of LamToro News is to become a One-Stop-Shop media outlet about national security matters in The Gambia. Thus, our slogan, “We Set You Rethinking“, is meant to provoke people to rethink about the realities of national security. Precisely because of the unpredictability of national security, there are many challenges to be overcome.

It is therefore important to make a critical analysis of the news we report in a constructive and objective manner that will allow the readership and followers to understand and value our independence, objectivity, reliability, and credibility in general.  

We shall be publishing articles from all walks of life in the following columns on our website; News, Editorial, Politics, Business & Economics, Opinion, Human Rights, Security, The Entrepreneur, Personality of The Week, Legal Matters, Sports, Women & Children’s Affairs, Good Book, The Environment, Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertainment, and World Affairs.

For Columns like Personality Of The Week, it shall be published every Weekend (Fridays). It shall be a Weekend Read that will highlight the important role and achievements of great personalities in our society. These are people who are role models for every genuine, hard-working, and dedicated Gambians.

The Quotes and Sayings (proverbs) column is a column where we shall publish important sayings and proverbs every day for our readers. The idea is to motivate, inspire and inform them about happenings in our society. However, this will be a daily update on our Facebook page, of this special column dubbed: ‘Quotes & Sayings‘. This column, in short, will feature useful, insightful, and inspirational common sayings and proverbs in relation to our daily life.

The Fashion, Lifestyle, and Entertainment column is purposely designed to feature artists, comedians, and also beautiful young ladies (both married and single ladies) with brains who are doing extremely well in their various professions without using their beauty to attract men or their seniors to gain favours for position or power. Their academic records, professional qualifications, and achievements will be highlighted. In short, they are not the lazy type who will allow men to use or abuse them, despite their beauty. This, we believe will serve as a motivation to other young women to believe in themselves and work harder to be stable and independent in life. This Column will come once every Friday and only one person will be featured every week as the Beauty of the Week on our Facebook page and Website. The news articles and other columns will all be published on our website and shared on all our social media outlets.

Readers and followers will also notice that we decided to re-post some key articles which were previously written and published by Mr. Assan Sallah in some Gambian media outlets at home and abroad, which we deem necessary to keep in our archives only for future use.

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For more information, contact us on Mobile: +491776979099 or email: info@lamtoronews.com

Enjoy reading the site and thank you!

Mr. Assan Sallah

Managing Editor

LamToro News.

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