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The so-called Coup and the Illegal Detention of Momodou Sabally

The situation surrounding the so-called coup attempt announced by the Government and the illegal arrest of Momodou Sabally should be taken with utmost seriousness by citizens in order to prevent the increasing abuse of the rule of law and human rights in this country. A coup is a significant event […]

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GACH Global CEO Abubakary Jawara files lawsuit against former SG Momodou Sabally, claims D8M damages for alleged slander and defamation

The CEO of GACH Global, Abubakary Jawara has filed a lawsuit against Momodou Sabally, a former Secretary General and head of the CivilĀ  Service. Mr. Jawara is claiming damages for defamation and slander against the plaintiff Mr. Sabally. The case is expected to be heard in court on 14th November […]