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REVEALED! Alhagie Bora Sisawo detained at Anti Crime Unit

A reliable source (name withheld) has confirmed to LTN that Alhagie Bora Sisawo is detained at the Anti Crime Unit in Banjulinding. “He is here with us,” said the source.

Mr. Sisawo is a Co-host of the Badinyaa Kaacha Show at Kerr Fatou Media and a renowned comedian. He was earlier arrested on 13th August 2023 over remarks he made on Kerr Fatou Media regarding his opinion on the Niger military coup, among other issues discussed in that particular show.

Bora was granted bail and has been reporting on bail at the Kairaba Police Station.

On Wednesday morning, 4th October 2023, Alhagie Bora posted on his Facebook page that the police revoked his bail and then there was news of detention at the Kairaba Police Station. Few hours ago some media platforms and the Gambia Press Union published statements claiming Alhagie Bora’s location was unknown.

Howver, LTN mounted an investigation on the whereabout of Alhagie Bora Sisawo in which it discovered that he is detained at the Anti Crime Unit in Banjulinding.

LTN also laso learnt that Bora has not yet been charged with any wrongdoing. The Gambian media has been calling for his release without delay.

Efforts to reach to the police PRO at the time of publication proved futile.

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