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Immigration officer accused of defrauding Senegalese national with CFA 4 Million in a Visa deal

Corporal Ali Mbaye widely known as Ali Faye of the Gambia Immigration Department has been accused of defrauding a Senegalese national, Talla Samb, a native of Mbour with CFA 4 million in a Visa deal.

LTN confirmed that the said Immigration officer Ali Mbaye had obtained the said amount of money from Talla Samb through his (Talla) brother Modou Samb, with the promise to help secure a Canadian Visa.

Corporal Ali Mbaye is posted at the Serrekunda Enforcement Unit of the Gambia Immigration Department and he is among the Immigration officers who are on guard post at the Immigration Director General’s residence currently. Previously, he was posted at the Banjul International Airport where worked until May 2018 when he was transferred.

Meanwhile, Talla Samb has since on 6th June 2023 instructed his lawyer Malick H.B Jallow to write a letter to Corporal Ali Mbaye demanding his money and passport, while giving him last warning before taking legal action against him.

Contacted by LTN, the Immigration officer Corporal Ali Mbaye confirmed receiving the said amount of money from Modou Samb, brother of Talla Samb for the Canadian Visa process. He disclosed that he knows a Pakistani national called ‘Muhat’ who has been helping some people to get Canadian Visa from Senegal and his cients go to Guinea Bissau and pay ticket and travel. 

The Immigration officer further clarified that the complainant Talla Samb is a family member although they are not very close. He confirmed knowing Modou Samb, brother of the complainant whom he said has named his child after his (Ali Mbaye) wife Fatou Ceesay.

Asked about the whereabout of the Pakistani national Muhat, the Immigration officer said Muhat has now returned to Pakistan but was living in The Gambia. He said he is still communicating with Muhat and promised Muhat will get Talla Samb a Visa or else he (Mbaye) will pay the money.

In another development, LTN has confirmed that the complainant is now ready to take the matter before the court this week.

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