Gambia Gov’t Working Towards Resolution of National ID Cards & Driver Licenses Situation

Press Release

Dated: 21st November, 2023

The Gambia Government Working Towards Resolution of National Identification Cards and Driver Licenses Situation

The Gambia Government wishes to inform the public, especially Gambian citizens seeking to acquire National Identification (ID) Cards and Driver Licenses, about a recent development concerning the production of these essential documents.

The contract for the production of biometric ID cards and related documents, signed with Semlex Group SA on the 17thof July 2018, has recently ended. Regrettably, negotiations between The Gambia Government and the concessionaire are temporarily on hold, resulting in the abrupt suspension of the production of these national documents by the concessionaire.

The Gambia Government understands and recognizes the significance of these services to its citizens, and assures members of the public that it is actively engaged in quickly resolving the current situation. Therefore, every effort is being made to resume these vital national services swiftly, ensuring that citizens in need of these documents regain access soonest.

In the interim, the Government kindly urges all citizens to exercise patience and understanding as it remains steadfast in its commitment to prioritize the best interests of the country and its citizens at all times.

Government appreciates your cooperation and assures you that updates on the resolution of this matter will be communicated promptly.


Ebrima G. Sankareh

The Government Spokesperson& Presidential Diaspora Adviser

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