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Former Director General of COUD accused of rape by his 16-year-old housemaid

Sitor Ndour

SENEGAL: The former director general of COUD (Centre des Oeuvres Universitaires de Dakar) Sitor Ndour, is accused of rape by his 16-year-old housemaid, Senegal’s leading online medium Seneweb reported on Tuesday, 2nd August 2022.

Mr. Ndour is a former minister and member of the Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY) coalition.

According to Seneweb, Ndira Dione, the mother of the alleged victim, revealed that her daughter was allegedly abused on the third day of her daughter’s work at the home of Mr. Ndour, who is said to be a member of the APR party.

“It was on the third day of work, Monday, the day after Tabaski, that the man, after lunch, ordered his daughters to take a nap as well as the maid, who was installed in a separate room. A few minutes later, he broke into the room before securing the door and neutralizing the girl to accomplish his dirty work. Despite the girl’s cries for help, no one reacted, probably because the girls were in their room upstairs and the housekeeper was not there,” said the mother of the alleged victim.

“When the man had returned to his room after carrying out for help, the girl escaped to tell her family everything,” said the mother Ndira Dione.

The girl’s family claims to have a medical certificate attesting to the rape and a voice recording of Sitor Ndour trying to bribe them to keep the matter quiet.

The victim has already filed a complaint at the Gendarmerie of the Fair (Foire).

However, Mr. Ndour has denied the allegations and claimed that is an attempt to blackmail and get money from him.

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