Ex-convict implicated in Briton’s robbery case, admits taking part in Gunjur petrol station robbery incident

Ex-DLEAG officer
Lamin Sim

Lamin Jarjue, widely known as Elay from Jambanjelly has confessed to having taken part in a robbery case at the Sandalli fuel station in Gunjur some weeks ago. Jarjue is among the three suspects accused of robbing an 80-year-old British national Michael Sellen in Sanyang village, Kombo South District of the West Coast Region.

Jarjue is an ex-convict. He was convicted of stealing and had served three (3) years and seven (7) years respectively in prison.

“He told the Anti Crime Unit investigators that he was the one who informed ex-drug squad officer Lamin Sima and Inspector Dawda Kanuteh, who is currently serving at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency of The Gambia (DLEAG) that the British national Michael Sellen was selling drugs. This was why Lamin Sima (ex-DLEAG officer) and Inspector Dawda Kanuteh raided a dwelling house in Sanyang belonging to Michael Sellen and took D60,000 from his house,“ a senior police officer (name withheld) told LamToro News.

He disclosed that the suspects Lamin Sima and Dawda Kanuteh gave only D5000 to the ex-convict Lamin Jarjue who gave them information about the said Briton. “Sima and Kanuteh told Lamin Jarjue that they only found D10,000 at Michael Sellen’s house and that is why they gave him D5000,“ the source added.

He explained that during the investigations, Lamin Jarjue later learned at the Anti Crime Unit that the suspects (Sima and Kanuteh) allegedly took over D50, 000 from the British national and gave him only D5000. He was then angry and implicated them in the Gunjur robbery case too, claiming they were part of it.

“However, Lamin Jarjue later changed his statement and said Sima and Kanuteh were not part of the Gunjur robbery incident but were the people who robbed the Briton,“ said one of the sources.

According to our sources, the suspects of the said Gunjur fuel Station robbery incident had seriously beaten one of the staff of the fuel station called Bakary Jatta, believed to be in his 20s.

LamToro News also gathered information that the Gunjur robbery suspects including Lamin Jarjue, were first taken to Gunjur Police Station and later referred to the Anti Crime Unit.

“The said petrol station in Gunjur is owned by Lamin Janneh and one of his staff Bakary Jatta who was seriously beaten was taken to the Anti Crime Unit to identify the suspects in a parade.“

Meanwhile, police sources confirmed that the suspects have been granted bail as investigations continue.

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