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4 DLEAG detainees escape from custody

At least four (4) detainees (names witheld for now) at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency of The Gambia (DLEAG) office in Banjul have escaped from custody Tuesday night, LTN has learnt.

Sources said the detainees, three (3) Senegalese citizens and one (1) Gambian escaped during the rains on Tuesday night between 9 and 10pm.

The DLEAG acting Operations commander Mawlud Faal, on Wednesday morning visited the DLEAG office upon getting the news and confronted his men on the ground regarding the escaped detainees.

LTN have gathered that the escaped suspects are accussed of drug trafficking, being in possession of cannabis, etc.

“Two of the Senegalese were earlier arrested in Jarra Soma, LRR and the other Senegalese was arrested in Barra, NBR. The Gambian was also arrested in the Kombos but they have all escaped,“ said one of the sources.

LTN also gathered that DLEAG have launched a manhunt for these suspects.

When contacted for verification, the spokesperson of DLEAG Ousman Saidybah said it was news to him. He later confirmed the incident, saying that four suspects escaped from custody in Banjul.

We will bring you more updates on this incident and many more in our subsequent editions.

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