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Senegal: 25 Ministers, 5 Secs. of State Appointed In New Government

The list of ministers, long awaited by the Senegalese people, has just been announced. On Friday 5 April, 3 days after his appointment, Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko unveiled the composition of his government. This team includes several leaders who supported the Head of State Bassirou Diomaye Faye during the presidential election.

25 ministers

 Yassine Fall, Minister for African Integration and Foreign Affairs

 General Birame Diop, Minister for the Armed Forces

Ousmane Diagne, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals

General Jean Baptiste Tine, Minister of the Interior and Public Security

Birame Souleye Diop, Minister of Energy, Petroleum and Mines

Abdourahmane Sarr, Minister for the Economy, Planning and Cooperation

Cheikh Diba, Minister of Finance and Budget

Malick Ndiaye, Minister of Infrastructure, Land and Air Transport

Daouda Ngom, Minister for the Environment and Ecological Transition

Amadou Moustapha Ndieck Sarré, Minister for Vocational Training (Government Spokesman)

 Cheikh Tidiane Dieye, Minister for Water and Sanitation

Alioune Sall, Minister for Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Media

Elhadj Abdourahmane Diouf, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation

Serigne Gueye Diop, Minister for Industry and Trade

Fatou Diouf, Minister for Fisheries, Maritime and Port Infrastructure Maimouna Dieye, Minister for the Family and Solidarity

Yankhoba Diémé, Minister of Labour, Employment and Relations with Institutions  

Balla Moussa Fofana, Minister of Town Planning, Local Authorities and Regional Development

 Moustapha Guirassy, Minister for National Education

 Ibrahima Sy, Minister of Health and Social Action

Olivier Boucal, Minister for the Civil Service and Public Service Reform

Khady Diene Gaye, Minister for Youth, Sport and Culture

Mabouba Diagne, Minister for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Livestock

Alioune Dione, Minister for Microfinance, Social Economy and Solidarity

Mountaga Diao, Minister of Tourism and Crafts

5 Secretaries of State

Amadou Chérif Diouf, Secretary of State for Senegalese Abroad  

 Ibrahima Thiam, Secretary of State for the Development of SMEs

Momath Talla Ndao, Secretary of State for Town Planning and Housing

Alpha Bâ, Secretary of State for Co-operatives and Farm Management.

Bacary Sarr, Secretary of State for Culture, Creative Industries and Historical Heritage.

Photo credit: 2A2S TV

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