AfriCAN  wraps-up nutrition training for media practitioners

The Africa Catalyzing Action for Nutrition (AfriCAN), a new continental network with a vision for a Healthy and Well-Nourished Africa, in partnership with the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) last Friday concluded a 5-day training for media practitioners on nutrition.

The training held at the National Nutrition Agency ‘ under the “Good Nutrition Starts With Me”  Initiative. The training aimed to equip the media with the knowledge and skills to practice good nutrition as well as to promote it within their media, families, community as well on the type of agriculture food one should eat and what is a healthy diet.

The training touches on different areas like , balance diet, nutrition, overweight,  underweight , obesity, food and Types of foods etc among others.

AfriCAN received a Grant from Rockefeller Foundation (RF) for the implementation of the “Good Nutrition Starts With Me”  Initiative Project. The “Good Nutrition Starts With Me”  initiative is an initiative that promotes healthy living and the type of food for human consumption.

Modou Cheyassin Faal, deputy executive director of Afof riCAN thanked representatives of various media networks who attended the training. He also thanked the task force for developing and reviewing the training materials as well as everyone who contributed to making the training a success.

He pointed out that the training was anticipatory as everyone gave it their best.

He told participants that they would not only stop at training them but rather would build partnerships and networking with them to ensure they champion good nutrition starting with initiative.

He observed that it is not easy to change behaviours but urged participants not to feel frustrated, saying: “When you change, you are changing for a generation to ensure the next generation has a healthier and better nutritional status than the present generation.”

Malang N. Fofana, deputy executive for the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) encouraged participants to continue using what they have learned during the training and use their media to send the information to the community, and society so that many can benefit from it.

Dawda Bayo the Vice President of the Network of Agricultural Communicators (NAC) spoke on behalf of the participants thanked afriCAN for the initiative and also promised that the rule of the media is to deciminate information and he believed everyone here will serve as a champion to sell this agenda because is our health we are talking here and am happy that the training was a success.

He urged all to continue the good spirit, teamwork and partnership, highlighting that that’s the only way we can sell the agenda good nutrition starting with me indicative..

By Seedy Darboe

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