Tagadu Medeemadi Kafo launched

The Tagadu Medeemadi Kafo (TMK), organisation was recently launched in the Gambia at colorful ceremony held in Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Center in Bijilo, West Coast Region.

The TMK aims to promote Soninke culture and TAGO heritage of Gold and Silver Smith, Black Smiths and Pottery, Weaving and other traditional cottage industries through cultural programs. The organisation will also engage into activities such as training and skills development, establishment and promotion of best practices, standards and guidelines.

Launching TMK, Muhammad Sissoko, president of the organisation expressed delight for bringing the organisation closer to his people and prayed for a successful launching.

Jainaba Cham, Secretary General of TMK informed the gathering about the aims and objectives of the organisation. “ We are  on the verge of new era. The post-cold war period is over, and we are moving towards a new TAGADU/SONINKARA order and a multi polar Tagadu/Soninkara. This new era is already marked by the highest level of tension and major power competition in recent years,” she said.

She highlighted the achievements of the organisation which include repartriation of two deceased people from Europe, the donation of two thousand (2000) dollars in the New York Bronx fire accident, donation to Bilal Boarding School fire disaster victims, support to the victims of windstorm in Alunhareh, Sabi, Dibiru and others, etc.

The Tagadu Medeemadi Kafo’s Finance chairperson, Muhammed Sinera highlighted the financial success of the organisation attributing it to the adherence to the rules and regulations of the organisation. He reported that balance sheet shows an increase from D300,000 to D1.8M.

According to Mr Sinera, TMK has successfully disbursed over 1.2million to help the fire and windstorm victims and repartriation of corpses from Europe.

The launching was attended by Ministers of Tourism and Culture and Water and Natural Resources Hon. Hamat NK Bah and Musa Drammeh respectively, Dr. Abubakarr Jawara, the CEO of GACH GLOBAL company, sister associations and a cross-section of the community.

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