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DLEAG seizes 52 blocks of suspected cocaine

Our field agents stationed within the Tourism Development Area alongside operatives of the Special Operation Squad conducted a sting operation that resulted in the seizure of of fifty-two (52) blocks of suspected cocaine seized from one Bocar Hamet Sall at a warehouse located around Jimpex. The said incident happened on Tuesday 29 September 2023.

The suspect who was under the raider of the Agency was clutched while he was offloading two (2) cartoons containing the said 52 blocks of suspected cocaine. Operatives also seized two (2) detachable Benz trucks and a DODGE vehicle with registration number BJL 5985 X.

Prior to the seizure of these 52 blocks of cocaine, DLEAG operatives stationed in the West Coast Region also seized one hundred and four (104) blocks of cocaine from two (2) Bissau Guinean Nationals on the 14 of July 2023.

50 years old Adulai Seidi who was the principal suspect in that matter was arrested with sixty-three (63) blocks of cocaine found in his car at Brusubi Police checkpoint. The vehicle is a Toyota RAV 4 with registration number KM 5352 E.

Further search of his residence at Paradise Estate in old Yundum resulted in the seizure of another thirty-five (35) blocks of cocaine and a cash amount of four thousand (4000) Euros as well as two thousand nine hundred and fifty Dalasis (D 2950.00) suspected to be illicit proceeds of the trafficking and dealing in prohibited drugs.

37 years old Ndey Jatta on the other hand was clutched at a residence in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe with six (6) blocks of cocaine.

They were both arraigned in court and were found guilty of the charges of dealing and trafficking in drugs. The court in sentencing them fined them twelve million dalasis (D 12,000,000.00) while the cash amount found with Seidi and his vehicle were forfeited to the State.

In a similar but separate development, DLEAG operatives stationed at Amdalai border post nabbed a Senegalese National with twenty (20) pills of ecstasy, a pistol and four (4) live rounds on Monday, 9 October 2023.

A female Bissau Guinean National was also apprehended by DLEAG’s North Bank Regional Command with fourteen (14) big bundles of suspected cannabis sativa. The said incident happened on the 12 of October 2023 around 07:30 hours GMT Onwards.

Management uses this opportunity to reiterate its commitment of ensuring that The Gambia remains a hostile territory to illicit drug traffickers and their patrons. Therefore, we call on all meaningful Gambians and residents of his country to complement Government’s efforts and join the bandwagon in the crusade on drugs.

We call on the public to remain vigilant and report suspicious drug related and criminal activities to law enforcement authorities because we cannot be everywhere at every time. The Gambia belongs to us all. Therefore, its safety, security and development should be our collective responsibility.

Source: Culled from DLEAG Page

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