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Update on the Investigation on Alhagie Morr’s alleged case

Preliminary investigations into the allegations of alleged torture against Edrisa Jobe widely known as Alhagie Morr Jobe and others have begun. LTN was informed of the earlier invitation for questioning of Alhagie Morr Jobe in Scotland where he is currently residing.

“The Metropolitan Police from UK are currently in The Gambia and are investigating the allegations against Alhagie Morr. They have confirmed that the police in Scotland have identified him, his fingerprints and photographs of his image were taken. His location and address have all been confirmed and he is been closely monitored,“ said a source.

Following this development, LTN has learnt that the Metropolitan police from The UK have since on Sunday evening, 1st October 2023 landed at the Banjul International Airport via SN Brussels.

“They have so far interviewed a lot of potential witnesses, most of whom are victims. The visiting UK police officers are conducting their interview at the Ocean Bay Hotel in Bakau. There are many NIA officers and other servicemen among the potential witnesses,“ said one of the sources.

It could be recalled that The Gambia Government White Paper on the TRRC Recommendation released on 25th May 2022, indicated that the Gambia Government has accepted the TRRC recommendation for the prosecution of Edrisa Jobe (Alagie Morr) and others for the torture of Lamin Karbou and others who were detained at the NIA.

Below is a quotation of the Gambia Government’s White Paper on the TRRC Recommendation released on 25th May 2022.

Government White Paper page 120

“420. The Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission and
notes that the prosecution of the above-named persons is currently
ongoing for the death of Solo Sandeng while in NIA custody.
Notwithstanding, the Special Prosecutor Office to be created will be tasked
to conduct a thorough investigation on the events of 14 April 2016.
(3) Prosecute Edrissa Jobe (Alagie Morr) for the torture against Lamin
Karbou and others at the NIA.

421. The Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission but notes that Edrissa Jobe (Alagie Morr) is currently out of the jurisdiction. The Government will collaborate with the relevant authorities with the aim of securing his arrest and return to The Gambia to face charges bearing in mind that torture is an international crime. Whilst the Government will welcome his arrest and prosecution internationally it also reserves the right to secure his return to The Gambia and be charged and tried domestically.

  1. Prosecute Lamin Darboe, the head of the Special Operations Unit, for
    his role in all the tortures committed by Special Operations at the NIA. 422. The Government accepts the recommendation of the Commission.
    (5) Reprimand Basiru Sey, Alasan Baldeh and Gibril Kanyi for all the
    tortures they committed as members of the Special Operations Unit.“

However, since the setting up of these recommendations The Gambia Government have not taken much steps to ensure the timely implementation of these recommendations, hence the involvement of the international community to ensure justice for the victims.

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