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World Teachers’ Day: Tribute To A Living Legend


Dear Editor,

It is delightful to present and acknowledge the beautiful work demonstrated by this amazing soul in the history of kartong school.  St Martin’s Basic Cycle School has graduated many students in the village and its satellite communities  but one outstanding principal whose marks are absolutely tremendous and worth celebrating in recent times is Mr. Nicholas Kebba Jatta. His commitment to transforming and instituting standards are highly encouraging and enormous to recent success registered in the school.

 It impressed me to see the discipline and hardwork coupled with result based production in St Martin’s School. I am delighted and grateful to his commitment to advance  respect, punctuality, regularity, hardwork, consistency  among others in the school.

Mr. Jatta’s most eloquent success is the introduction of Senior Secondary School category in kartong for the first time in St Martin’s Basic Cycle.  This is scintillating indeed.  We are glad that such massive dreams for many principals in the past is solely and gleefully registered under Mr. Jatta’s watch. 

Finally, it is clear that Mr. Jatta’s management is indeed an exemplary one and worthy of emulation for many in the community and beyond.  On this beautiful and recognised day we sincerely say thank you for your continuous service to the Republic of the Gambia. 


Ousman E. Camara (Star).

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