Statement by Brikama Area Council Chairman’s Office on Market Fire Disaster

The Office of The Chairman – Brikama Area Council regrets to announce the fire incident that engulfed our Brikama Central Market in the early hours today, causing devastating destruction to many businesses in the market.

BAC commiserates with all the business owners and their families affected by the fire incident. We assure them that, as a council, we will endeavour to do our utmost to support them to recover and will further seek the assistance of anyone who can assist them.

We will further seek to establish the root causes of such fires and work hard to support, and collaborate with the central government to capacitate our fire services to be able to respond to such fires timely, in order to mitigate the devastation of such fires to people and property.

We will further work hard to ensure both electrical wirings and appliances are regularly inspected to ensure their safety compliance.

Source: Culled from Office of the Chairman BAC

We thus commiserate with all those affected by last night’s fire incident!

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