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Journalist Pa Modou Bojang urged to retract alleged defamatory remarks or face legal action

Journalist Pa Modou Bojang, CEO of Digital Home FM (Membe Kering Radio Station) in Brikama Nema has been urged to retract an alleged defamatory statement he made against one Yassin Bah of Brikama in the Kombo Central District of West Coast Region, sometime in October 2022 through his Membe Kering media platform, LamToro News (LTN) has learnt.

Mrs Yassin Bah has accused journalist Pa Modou Bojang of defamation and tarnishing her business interest.

Picture credit: VM International Tv

Mrs Bah has instructed Lawyer Malick H.B Jallow to write a letter to Pa Modou Bojang, requesting him to desist from all online defamation of her character, reputation, and business interests. She claimed that Membe Kering Radio Station allegedly uttered defamatory remarks against her and her business interests.

According to a letter dated 17th March 2023, written by Lawyer Malick H.B Jallow, addressed to Pa Modou Bojang, CEO of Membe Kering Radio Station, the alleged defamatory remarks made against Mrs Yassin Bah were published on the 10th day of October 2022 on Membe Kering online platform and other social media platforms.

The letter also indicated that Pa Modou Bojang stated the following: “Mrs Yassin Bah is involved in human trafficking; Mrs Yassin Bah is a criminal and operates a criminal gang; Mrs Yassin Bah frequently imports prostitutes from Nigeria into the country for the purpose of  prostitution business.“

The letter also directed Pa Modou Bojang to apologize to Mrs Yassin Bah and delete all related audio and video of defamatory vintage regarding her (Mrs Bah) from all online and social media platforms hosted by him.

The letter further stated: “Please be advised that if you fail, neglect, ignore, disregard, overlook or otherwise refuse to comply with this letter and its contents within 21 days of its delivery, vigorous and immediate legal proceedings shall be initiated against you for redress as well as all expenses incidental tot he said legal process.“

LamToro News contacted Pa Modou Bojang via telephone for his reaction on this issue and he confirmed receipt of the said letter. He also informed LTN that his lawyer has responded to this letter and he will not make any further comment.

However, LTN made further findings elsewhere and was informed that Pa Modou Bojang has hired Lawyer Lamin J. Darboe to respond on his behalf.

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