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Senegalese singer Oumar Pene says Pastef hijacked his song and titled it “Sonko Koubakh La” without his knowledge or consent

Oumar Pene

According to Senegalese media Seneweb and Sen Tv, Oumar Pene has exposed the Pastef supporters for hijacking his song without his knowledge. He said he did not sing any song for a politician.

Senegalese veteran singer Oumar Pene has accused the supporters of Pastef, the party of the opposition leader Ousman Sonko of hijacking his song, and titled it, “Sonko koubahk La“ for political propaganda without his knowledge or consent.

In a post on Facebook, the singer Oumar Pène has criticized the hijacking of one of his songs “Koubakh la”, for political propaganda purposes on behalf of the opposition, particularly the leader of Pastef, Ousmane Sonko without naming him.

“It is with amazement that I discovered like everyone else my song “Koubakh La” hijacked for political propaganda purposes,” said the artist. 

This has hurt the spirit of my fans, relatives, friends and many people,” he said. I would like to reassure them that this is neither my voice nor with my consent. Those who have reproduced this song and those who have adapted it to include this propaganda are probably unaware that they are violating the moral rights of the people who composed, arranged, wrote and sang this song. I leave it to the perpetrators of this crime to bravely reveal themselves and publicly explain the reasons for this inappropriate act,” he demanded in a message on his Facebook account.

“Once again, I would like to reassure the public that Oumar Pene will remain in his place as an artist, a singer, always at the service of his country and of Africa.

However, the singer took the opportunity “to pay a vibrant tribute to the local football Lions who brought the African Nations Championship Cup. Bravo Lions”.

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