Message from Kawsu Sillah, National Coordinator of the Gambian-German Centre on International Migration Day

Message from the National Coordinator and Head of Advisory Centre, Mr. Kawsu Sillah on International #MigrantsDay!

Dear esteemed followers,

Happy International #MigrantsDay!

As a migrant myself, I greatly respect the hard work, perseverance and resilience of all migrants in the Gambia 🇬🇲 and around the world 🌐.

From village, to town and now in the city, my migratory journey was influenced by barriers to social and economic realities our society faced.

Kawsu Sillah

Despite the challenges, I remain hopeful and determined not only in improving a better life for myself but contributing to building an inclusive society that offers better perspectives, respects the rights and dignity of all.

In all stages of my migration history in the country and travelling to more than 20 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and America, I have interacted with migrants who are incredibly utilising their skills, knowledge, experiences and connections to improve basic needs of families and communities of their origin, transit and destination countries through numerous means.

On this Day, from all of us at the Gambian-German Centre, we celebrate, honor and recognise the immense contributions and sacrifices of all migrants, and further commit to improving the social and economic participation for all.

Together, we can bringing about positive change and development in our communities.

By Kawsu Sillah.

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