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Price of Bread Up 100% in Zimbabwe Since Russia Invaded Ukraine 

by VOA News


One of the citizens feeling the pinch of rising prices in Zimbabwe is Christine Kayumba. She says she can’t afford to buy bread for her four dependents on her salary of less than $250 a month — because a loaf now costs more than $2.

The high school English teacher says she cooks a bland, thin porridge three times a day, and rarely serves rice as it is now expensive too.

“This price increase of bread has reduced me to nothing,” she told VOA. “I don’t feel I am still the mother figure, the breadwinner for my family. Because I am failing to provide, each and every morning they wake up crying for porridge, crying for bread.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, has led to bread prices soaring in importing countries like Zimbabwe. Most impacted are children, said Kayumba, as shortage means they are forced to seek food elsewhere.

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