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Press release: GDC Disassociates Itself From MC Cham Jnr’s Endorsement Of Ousmane Sonko Senegalese Presidential Candidate


Press Release

14th March, 2023


The public is hereby informed that, the public endorsement of Ousmane Sonko, a Senegalese Presidential Candidate by GDC’s Campaign Manager, Hon. MC Cham Jnr, during a gathering held in The Gambia by the members of PASTEF (Ousmane Sonko’s political party), does not in any way express the opinion of GDC, neither does it connote any manner of understanding between GDC and PASTEF.

Thus, the invitation extended to MC Cham by PASTEF was done on personal grounds, and not as a representative of GDC. Therefore, all the utterances and proclamations made by MC Cham at the PASTEF event were made on his personal capacity and not on behalf of GDC nor on his capacity as the Campaign Manager of GDC.

The GDC party leadership wishes to state categorically that, GDC has no iota of affiliation with any political party either within or outside The Gambia. More so, the party expects a holder of the rank of its Campaign Manager to understand that, GDC has a

Governance structure and chain of command, whereby decisions on issues affecting the party are made based on an established order and due process.

On the other hand, the party also expects Hon. MC Cham to understand that, the office he holds as a Campaign Manager of GDC and its attendant responsibilities have far-reaching implications that calls for a huge degree of caution on both his personal and public conduct.

As a consequence, GDC wishes to inform the general public that the endorsement of Ousmane Sonko and his PASTEF was made by Hon. MC Cham Jnr on purely personal grounds. On this note, GDC wishes to inform all its members to shun unwarranted and unapproved GDC-related public statements and conduct that do not have the approval of the party leadership, as the GDC is known for its characteristic due-process culture that anchors on the principles of chain of command and the norms and values of the party.

GDC further wishes to assure all Gambians that, it will continue in its undying crusade in promoting the sovereignty of the Republic of The Gambia and fostering respect for the nation’s dignity and integrity across borders.


Hon. Abdoulie Jallow

GDC’s Spokesperson

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