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President Barrow urges the new Cabinet to take zero-tolerance stance on corruption

President Barrow

President Adama Barrow has urged the new Cabinet ministers to a zero-tolerance stance on corruption. The president made this call on Tuesday, 10th May 2022 at the State House in Banjul during the swearing-in ceremony of the newly appointed cabinet ministers.

He said: ”I assure the in-coming Cabinet of my support, but we must take a zero-tolerance stance on corruption. We are responsible for the state resources in our custody, and should not be found wanting. Strict measures will be taken to implement the anti-corruption law; therefore, it is best we work towards making The Gambia a model country for public service delivery”.

The president also warned the ministers to prepare for the challenges they will be confronted with in the execution of their duties, adding that they could be as many and complicated as the tasks and roles to be performed both in and out of office.

The New Cabinet Ministers

 “You have been identified and appointed at a time when our national institutions require strong leadership, responsive policies, transformative programmes, and better results that can positively and effectively impact on national development and the quality of life in the country,” he remarked.

One Comment

  1. Ousman E Camara

    The President, Adama Barrow should be radical in combating corruption roots in the Gambia administration.
    He should be more and more proactive and assertive in his decision in order to combat this disheartening disease in our leadership.

    The Anti-corruption bill 2020 should be accelerating as it would help to reduce the speed of corruption in Gambia for good.
    The bill is significantly paramount for effectiveness of President Barrow’s second term in office.

    Finally, the first term of President Barrow’s government has been labelled with hugely polarised corruption pandemic. So addressing such practices would require radical challenge from Mr. President.

    For the Gambia, our homeland.