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Mimi Touré: “If I was in favour of a third term, I would be president of the Assembly now

Aminata Toure, former Prime Minister of Senegal has said that if she was in support of a Third Term, she would have been the Speaker (President) of the current 14th Legislature (National Assembly) of Senegal.

According to Seneweb, the fundamental difference between President Sall and Aminata Touré comes from the third mandate. Aminata Touré made this disclosure at a press conference held on Sunday, 25th September 2022 in Dakar.  

“The third mandate should no longer be debated. The third mandate is legally and morally impossible.  If I was in favour of the third term, I would be president of the National Assembly today,” she said.

Going back in history, Aminata Touré recalls that she left the United Nations between 2011 and 2012 to support Macky Sall. “It was to fight against the third term of Wade. 11 people died. Mamadou Diop was killed in front of us. As Macky Sall’s campaign manager, I wrote to the United Nations.  Today we are talking about a third candidacy more than 10 years later. For the former Prime Minister, the referendum that established the new constitution says that “No one can serve two consecutive terms”. 

For this, President Sall has the obligation to respect the Constitution that he himself changed to the letter to be an example as president of the African Union: “The Senegalese have given him everything, he must give them back the change of their coin.

Source: Seneweb.

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