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Fresh corruption scandal hits Banjul, Gov’t agrees to settlement

A fresh corruption scandal has hit the Gambia government through the Ministry of Health regarding their non-compliant expenditure on the Global Fund Program in Switzerland.

The scandal involved D20Million out of which the Gambia Government should refund D10M believed to be embezzled.

Dr. Samateh, Health Minister

According to a letter dated 8th February 2023 with reference number EC/252/121/01(20), signed by the Gambia’s minister of Finance Mr. Seedy M. Keita, the Gambia government had a frank discussion with the Global Fund Program delegation that visited the country on 6th February 2023.

The minister stated that a two-year payment plan of four installments starting 15th March 2023 was agreed upon.

“To this end, the Gambia Government is willing to refund all the non-compliant expenditures identified in the audit report during the period under review (Januray1, 2018 to September 30, 2021).

Seedy Keita, Finance Minister

He also assured Global Fund Program that the Gambia government is working on the internal processes to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

Another press release from the Ministry of Finance issued on 5th March 2023 also stated that the Inspector General of Police has since started an investigation into this corruption scandal and details of the investigation will be communicated with the general public.

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