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Elegance Media signs contract with Nigerian Ports Authority

The Gambia and one of Africa’s leading online Magazines, Elegance Magazine has announced a contract it signed with the Nigerian Ports Authority to do a special publication.

Chilel Sarr, CEO of Elegance Media, publisher of Elegance Magazine who is in Nigeria currently, made the announcement in a publication she shared on Facebook.

The Elegance CEO was among thousands of important personalities invited to attend the inauguration of Nigeria’s new president Bola Tinubu.

Shortly before the inauguration, Chilel Sarr had a business meeting with the managing director of the Nigerian Ports Authority Mohammed Bello Koko during which, they signed a contract for a special publication of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

Ms Sarr wrote on Facebook: “Shortly before Nigeria’s presidential inauguration, Elegance Magazine, one of the leading publications in Africa and among the most read in Nigeria was contracted by the Nigerian Ports Authority to do a special publication. As usual, we are committed to showcasing outstanding individuals, and organizations, who are making a positive impact in various fields. We had an in-depth interview on the achievements and accomplishments of Mr. Koko, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision as the MD of the Nigerian Ports Authority.“

She also revealed that Elegance Magazine UK and Africa will feature the Nigerian Ports Authority and the achievements of Mr. Koto since he took over as MD, among others.

About Elegance Media

Elegance is a pro-Africa international entertainment magazine published quarterly in London and sold in various African countries, including The Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, and Ghana as well as in Europe, the US, and Canada.

Splendidly launched in Birmingham and London in November 2010 and in The Gambia in May 2011, Elegance Magazine has successfully established its own unique take on the Gambian Magazine publication scene as the real thing.

Over the past years, Elegance has been taking the lead in the Gambia’s showbiz industry. Elegance Media covers some of the country’s most inspiring and informative stories on entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle.

Outside the Gambia, Elegance continues to make its mark in countries such as Nigeria and Senegal. From its exclusive interviews with some of the most influential statesmen in Nigeria to the one with Senegal’s First Lady, Elegance Media celebrates the success stories of the people of these two amazing countries.

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