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Breaking news: Court rules in favour of Sam Phatey against Justice SM Jallow, ordered to pay hefty compensation

Justice SM Jallow
Sam Phatey

Justice Amina Saho-Ceesay of the High Court in Banjul has ruled in favour of Samsudeen Phatey in his case against Justice Momodou SM Jallow, a sitting high court judge. Justice SM Jallow was the judge in the famous Bob Keita trial which was concluded recently. Mr. Phatey had since 2021 filed a lawsuit against Justice Momodou SM Jallow, accusing him of violating his right to a fair hearing.

Delivering the judgement at the High Court on Tuesday, Justice Amina Saho-Ceesay ruled in favour of Samsudeen Phatey and ordered Justice SM Jallow to pay a compensation of D200,000. Justice SM Jallow was also ordered to pay D10,000 to Samsudeen Phatey on 10th May 2021, meaning he will now pay D210, 000 in total to Samsudeen Phatey.

Lawyer Malick H.B Jallow

Samsudeen Phatey took legal action against Justice Momodou SM Jallow for illegally getting his niece, Neneh Jawneh Thompson released from police detention, who was in contempt of court in a matter involving him (Samsudeen Phatey). Samsudeen Phatey accused SM Jallow of coercing the police, abuse of office, impersonation and judicial interference. Jallow allegedly called the police stating he was the Chief Justice and that his niece, Neneh Jawneh Thompson should be released. The judiciary has since opened an investigation into Momodou SM Jallow’s conduct and the findings are yet to be released.

However, LTN has been informed that the findings and recommendations are serious.

Lawyer Malick H.B Jallow represented Samsudeen Phatey while LK Mboge represented Momodou S.M Jallow.

Details of the judgement will be published tomorrow on LTN.

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