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Armed robbers strike in Sami Tenda, victim admitted at Bansang Hospital

A case of armed robbery has been reported at Sami Tenda in the Central River Region (CRR) north. The incident happened on Tuesday night when armed men stormed a shop belonging one Mustapha, a Mauritanian national and attacked him.

“They came at night and asked him to open his shop when he was already in bed. His wife told him not to open the door but the attackers told him that they wanted to buy bags of sugar. He refused to open the door and the attackers fired shots, ransacked his house, leading to his injuries. They also broke into other shops in the area and took some money,“ said a source.

Another source said security is a great cause for concern in the district as some armed robbers also attacked Raneru village some weeks ago and took away some money.

A native of Sami who spoke to LTN said: “We need a police station or PIU Barracks at the Bridge in Sami Tenda. The only police station in this area is in Karantaba and that is far from here, besides, that station is a small one with no vehicle and a few officers are stationed there. Security is a big problem in Sami.“

Meanwhile, the victim (Mustapha) has been admitted at Bansang Hospital.

LamToro News (LTN) contacted the police spokesperson Superintendent Lamin Njie and he promised to follow up with the police authorities and get back to us tomorrow.

This is a developing story and LTN shall bring you the police confirmation of the incident hopefully tomorrow.  

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